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Hi, I’m Emily. For most of my life, I lived on a tree farm in the middle of nowhere, Ontario, Canada. Growing up in the countryside, I always wondered what the rest of the world was like.

That curiosity has never stopped.

Whether I’m leading English content strategy for a global B2B SaaS company, working with UX and visual designers on an award-winning app, or producing content on climate change and sustainability issues, one thing is constant:

I communicate messages that matter.

Here’s to the next adventure.

And as for that next adventure…

I’m writing my first novel!

Emily Stanislaus wears a striped blue and white shirt with a yellow floral scarf. She holds a yellow and blue mug with "Powell's Books" on the side. She raises the mug to the camera and takes a sip.

If you’re a music buff, you’ll want to check it out. That’s all I’ll say… for now 😅

This has been a lifelong dream of mine and, in the midst of the pandemic, I was able to make it happen (with the help of caffeine and cheerleading from my husband and sassy cat).

For more book updates, connect with me on Instagram 📸

I’d love to hear about what’s in your TBR pile, if you think my cat really is that sassy… anything and everything bookworm-y!

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